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DC VARIOscan 28

Dental Concept Systems' new DC Varioscan 28 is an intuitive, ideal tool for dental technicians with strenuous technical requirements.
In keeping with the latest developments in milling systems and CAM software, implant restorations on different systems can now be made accurately and meet the most strenuous technical and aesthetic requirements.

    • Strip light projection with dual camera technology.
    • Hi resolution accuracy of less than 8 microns on solid bodies.
    • High edge definition for implant-supported superstructures.
    • Large measuring field for fixed models, auxiliary parts and impression trays.
    • Detection of undercuts in impressions through automated digitizing.
    • Resistance to environmental disturbances (Temperature, vibration, light, dust, etc.).
    • Fully automatic operation with an electric door and interior lighting.
    • Support for open output formats such as STL, PLY, VRML, ASC, etc.
    • No yearly maintenance agreement!





Technical data

Technical Data: 

DC VARIOscan 28

Width x hight x depth 305mm x 400mm x 420mm
Weight  21kg
Voltage  230V/50Hz
Light Source 3 W LED reinweiß
Scan-Accuracy > 7,5 Micron
Reslolution Limit (z) > 5,5 Micron


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