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Fräsmaschine DC5

DC5 Milling System

DC5 milling system for the modern dental laboratory

The DC5 milling system can machine every material on the market and opens up new possibilities for dental technicians. With special extraction and cooling systems the DC5 can not only mill – it can also grind, drill and cut. A system that leaves nothing to be desired by the modern dental technician. In addition to the normal 5-axis machining, the DC5 was developed especially for the machining of model castings, preforms, abutments, implant-borne supraconstructions, bridges, models, occlusal splints and for the grinding of ceramics or composites.

The DC5 can be individually equipped with different modules. Fluid systems are offered for the wet processing of metals and composites as well as for the grinding of ceramics. Beyond that modules are offered for an integrated extraction unit, a central extraction system and automation with a 7-fold blank changer.

Direct connection to the CAM system enables user-friendly operability, also via the user interface of the processing systems and automation.

Despite its compact design the milling system delivers results that are comparable with large industrial milling systems. The low energy consumption and the simple connection options enable even dental laboratories with limited space to use a comprehensive milling machine. The system was developed exclusively for dental laboratories and can be brought in through any conventional house and apartment door. The mature concept is rounded off by special fittings for pallet trucks and fork-lift trucks as well as crane and cherry picker holders.









Technical data

Technical data 


Width x height x depth  735 mm x 1950 mm x 815 mm
Weight  530kg without suction syytem
Voltage   230V/50Hz
Compressed Air 7 - 8 bar dry air only, 30-60 l/min
Power Consumption 1250VA
Transport system support rails, forklift, trucks, crane

Installation diagram

Aufstellungsplan DC5 01

Further information

  • 5-axis milling system (5 servo motors for simultaneous machining).
  • 4th axis can pivot +/- 32°, 5th axis rotates 360°. Both are controlled by precision harmonic drive systems. This allows ultimate milling stability and accuracy.
  • Dry processing of zirconia, CoCr cobalt-chromium, alumina, PMMA, composite, bite splints, wax and model materials.
  • Wet machining of titanium, CoCr cobalt-chromium and lithium disilicate (blue blanks) with two separate cooling systems.
  • 98.5mm discs (Adapter available for blue blanks)
  • Mechanical machine design in solid portal steel with a new coral structure, for a lighter, smaller footprint, while maintaining the stability and capabilities of much larger units.
  • Highly accurate positioning and cutting speeds via direct servo control. These controllers are far superior to traditional controllers currently used in most units. This allows repeated, reliable precision milling.
  • Built with high quality ball screws in X, Y and Z axis, allowing a continued reliability and repeatability of up to 0.01mm.
  • A high resolution encoder controls accuracy and step losses and allows for unattended production by sending feedback to the motors at up to 160,000 pulses per revolution. This monitoring feature ensures worry free precise milling performance.
  • Tool changer and digital length measurement system with (10 tool) tool magazines for up to 100 tools.
  • 750-975 Watt high frequency Swiss IBAG spindle with a pneumatic tool exchange system, 6mm collar, 4-fold hybrid ceramic bearings, automatic collar cleaning and a maximum speed of 60.000 rpm.
  • Self sufficient CNC control is programmed via the direct control system using the matched CAM software for unattended milling. The control module monitors the tools during unattended operation.
  • Surface optimization via polynomial control function for calculations of straight .STL lines to harmonic polynomials. This feature speeds up the milling process by optimizing the distance of travel, thus helping to optimize surface accuracy and ensure the most efficient operation.
  • The intuitive Windows operating system, touch screen interface, allows direct access to the DC5. The touch screen interface allows you to view a whole project and part location. You can also delete parts from the project. This saves a lot time by not having to recalculate the entire project.
  • Visual Progress indicator, while milling multi-colored interior LED lighting indicates the stage and progress of the milling process. This allows the user to identify the DC5's progress at a glance.
  • An automated suction port is placed in the center of the operation and ensures consistent vacuum performance. This feature and the suction system provided keep this unit extremely clean.
  • Separately managed coolant systems are installed in the lower cabinet with integrated lubricant containers, filter systems and pumps for grinding lithium disilicate and milling metals.
  • Automatic disc changer for 7 discs with a thickness of approximately 32mm each. Including, triple sensor monitoring for automated gripping.


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